Water consumption and urinals

Owners of public places such as pubs, restaurants or hotels have to cope with extensive running costs every month. However, cutting down on running water consumption appears to cause massive savings that can be obtained by installing urinals.

Space saving toilet – a bit of information

Very often we have a serious problem with arranging the space in our bathroom effectively – the problem becomes even more severe if we have a separate restroom, because usually it is rather tiny, which basically means that every square inch of available space is priceless. There

Treat yourself to a folding screen

The economy’ s never been more rough to us customers than it happens to be currently. And noone’ s got any idea why that is. Come what may, though. In the end we’ re all forced to cut on whatever we used to enjoy and even move

A closer look at fantastic sink brackets

Devil is in the detail – many wise people can tell you that. That is why, when you create your bathroom – or just refurbish an old one – you do not have to think only about sanitation and furniture; you do have to think about everything.

Ideal bathroom – it’s possible!

Many people may say that planning and designing an ideal bathroom is a task beyound one’ s possibilities. Well, it is a truth. to some extent. Designing an ideal bathroom interior is time consuming; it can be also tiring and difficult. However, if you learn something about

Floor-standing small cabinets

If you need to be very careful about using up the space you have in your bathing room then floor-standing small cabinets (sanitec-kolo.com) seem to be a very good option. Not only do they take up less space than the wall-fitted ones but also they can serve

Twford bathrooms

This year’s Twford (twyfordbathrooms.com) bathrooms catalogue is all about innovativeness and actually allowing the customers to choose what they like. Therefore, if you’re in for a new bathing room layout, you’re welcome to have a look at what Twford bathrooms (twyfordbathrooms.com) has to offer.

Bathroom decorating ideas?

Everyone, who wants to create elegant and cosy bathroom are looking for bathroom decorating ideas. The best ideas we can find on the internet, which is full of websites with various bathroom designs.

Shower accessories are necessary

If we like showers more than bathtubs we know very well, that we need good shower accessories. Almost the same important like bathroom furniture. The most important will be stainless steel shower shelves – for our cosmetics. We can choose the most appropriate for us, because its